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Fusil Accounting


Fusil Accounting has been designed and developed to create the next generation of accounting software for progressive businesses. Building on the past principles of accounting software's and paying close attention to the demands of today's business environment. We have developed an innovative and powerful accounting solution suitable for all industries.

Fusil Accounting is more than just an accounting package. It is a complete business solution. With advanced modules and business solutions to suit all business and industry diversities. Fusil provides systems and platforms for your business to grow.

  • Allows you to connect all accounting (ex. Branches) and other segments into one system with web based system. Hence you are in charge of the company wide activities.
  • Fusil Accounting allows you to automate all your business processes, with best and comprehensive software.
  • Fusil Accounting is a modular and seamlessly integrated with Payroll, retail and other business functions through all other industry verticals where accounting is required.
  • It allows you to make better decisions maximise your profits based on the accurate and better data received from your system.
  • With all powerful Report writer that enables data analysis and BI, it is ensured that relevant and latest data is received.
  • Make full utilisation of the system through powerful and sophisticated features like Dash board, Quick menu, SMS, Transaction Authorisations, Transaction configuration, Report Configuration, Print designers, Comprehensive User rights management etc.