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Fusil Automobile


Fusil Auto DMS (Dealer Management System) for Automobile industry is a comprehensive software solution that simplifies day to day operations and increases performance efficiency. Designed to increase business efficiency for its users, Fusil Auto DMS delivers a fully integrated approach to dealer management with all its business operations built in a single and comprehensive solutions.

  • A reliable and affordable dealer management system for automobile.
  • It allows you to easily manage show room, spares, workshop service center, accounting & admin on one system.
  • It allows you to make better decisions, maximise your profits based on the accurate and better data received from your system.
Enhance your business by :
  • Consolidating data of all showrooms, service and accounting segments.
  • Company wide reporting of all the functions.
  • Analyze your sales based on segments, executives, vehicle wise, model wise, color wise etc.
  • Profitability analysis based on vehicles, chassis, invoices, service centers etc.
  • Low cost software helps you to avoid errors and make quick decisions for the management.